Sunday, July 7, 2013

Raspberry Smash

If you ever get a chance, have a Raspberry Smash at The Biltmore. It is the most refreshing drink on a summer's eve. Ah, if only I could escape there as often as I'd like too.

But since reality must set in, this is my version of that lovely cocktail when you don't want to pop open champagne for just one . . .

Muddle handful of raspberries with an ounce or maybe two of vodka. Hey don't judge! Some cocktail glasses are bigger than others. ; )
Add a litte splash of sparkling french berry lemonade and ice.
Get your shake on.
Strain into cocktail glass and top off with more lemonade. The amount will vary upon your desire of a stiff drink or not.
Top with raspberry and sprig of mint.

*For the true Biltmore Raspberry splash, click here.

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