Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to Junior Kindergarten!

The road to this decision was long and difficult. Late summer birthdays are tricky when making the decision to send your little one to kindergarten or to wait one more year. It's even trickier when your child is given the stamp of approval for kindergarten. Sometimes choices can be torturous gifts.

I had lots of opinions that were offered; some invited and some not. At times I let the uninvited opinions make me doubt my decision. I had people telling me various things:
"If she's not reading, you can't send her to kindergarten." (Wow!)
"Oh, she still plays with Barbie dolls? I wouldn't send her." (REALLY?)
"She seems small, you shouldn't send her." (Um, she's 75th percentile. And have you seen her mom?)
"Junior Kindergarten is everyday? All day? You might as well as send her to real kindergarten." (Oh, as opposed to the fake kindergarten?)
"She's super shy. You should wait." (This was the only comment that made sense. But I was super shy and you could have held me back for my whole academic career; it wouldn't have made one difference.)

I could go on and on. But when it came to making the final decision, we decided to play it safe for now and take it year by year. We have never met anyone who regretted not starting kindergarten on the early side of five. But we definitely met people who did regret it in the later years. Their child either had to repeat a grade or was struggling to keep up.

We look forward to watching Sophia grow this next year. And if she turns out to be some genius, like her mom - bwahhh hahahaha - there will always be the option to test ahead. But no matter what, we are going to love and nurture her and give her every available opportunity to be successful. Because no one will ever have Sophia's best interests at heart like David and me.


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