Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Round Up

All in all, I think Sophia was pleased with her debut of turning five. : )

My Gym Party

 A little shopping which included bracelets and sunglasses.
And Sophia picked out a pair of shades for little sis too.

 Visit from Cousin Eric definitely made her day!

Favorite gift of all . . . Puppet theater from Grandma and Grandpa.

Last but not least, a birthday dinner at Via Vai.
Although we just went there earlier this week,
Sophia reminded us it was HER day
and she wanted to go back.
Smarty pants!


  1. Happy Birthday Sophia....Looks like she had the most amazing day!!! xo

  2. I want to go to Via Vai for my birthday! What a lucky 5 year old! Looks like a great time and that tutu skirt is Bella's favorite too!