Sunday, January 2, 2011

13 Months Old

Kalista is 13 months old and maturing in every way possible (physically and verbally). Her running list of words include: hi, bye, mama, dada, yummy, uh-oh, baby and thank you. Kalista has a true love for food and not baby food, but the real deal. This makes my life a lot easier because she will eat whatever I cook and has enough teeth to chow down (4 top, 4 bottom and 4 poking through as I blog). It's fun watching Kalista mimic everyday life. On any given day you can find her making the motions of washing her hands, lathering her body during bath time, rubbing lotion on her body, drinking from a tea cup during tea parties, dancing, wave hello and goodbye and the list goes on. I love to sneak up on her and take pictures of whatever she's up to. Check out the snaps below:
 I found Kalista on our bathroom scale this morning.
New Year's Resolution:
Gain some weight and grow! : )

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