Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Angels

Today was Sophia's first day at her new school Little Angels. She was very excited and even picked out her clothes the day before as well as stuffed her backpack with "things" she might need.

Sophia had a wonderful first day! Drop-off went smoothly...I had to beg for a hug and kiss goodbye. I even received an email mid-morning letting me know Sophia and her friends, Jack & Luke, were having fun and were very happy!

Today was just a half-day, so the day went by fast. Looking forward to many more happy times!
Ready to go!
Showing off her new backpack
Looking like a pro!
Immediately found her buddies, Jack & Luke.
This is where Kalista and I headed for after drop-off.
I was able to sneak in during pick-up and take this picture
of all the kids in Group Story Time with Miss Jenny. 
It's amazing how they are able to get all the kids to sit
down and listen to a story, attentively!
An after school treat! So proud of you Sophia!!


  1. Yay Sophia! Your new school looks so fun! Super cute backpack too :)

  2. Absolutely adorable. what a big girl!
    I have so much to look forward to!