Monday, May 18, 2015

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie I've Ever Made

Happy Monday!
Oh don't you just roll your eyes when you see something titled, "The best..."? I totally do! I have been in the slumps with my chocolate chip cookie baking. Something hasn't been working with the recipes I have. Even my favorite Doubletree Cookies have fallen short. What was once nice puffy, yet crispy and chewy cookies have turned to crispy, chewy, but FLAT. Same recipe, same oven, same ingredients. What the?! And I tried all those tips on making cookies chewy or cakey or crispy or flat. No matter what...flat has been the outcome. Until today!

Hello layers. I've missed you.

You must try Alice Currah's recipe for THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE EVER. She has a fabulous blog called Savory Sweet Life. So overjoyed to have found this recipe.

Like super happy.

Follow the recipe EXACTLY! Yes, beat the batter for 3 minutes. Yes, beat again for another 2 minutes after adding eggs and vanilla. Yes, you need to open that second bag of chocolate chips if you are using a 12 oz. bag. JUST DO IT.

And no, it's not a typo...preheat oven to 360 F.

No baking rack needed. Let cool on the parchment paper.
No, the cookies will not have soggy bottoms.

And to make sure this was the real deal recipe, I made all different sizes. And each cookie size I tried came out perfect. To me, a good recipe will accommodate any size with the same ingredients and temperature. 

Did I tell you how much I love the layers?

Chewy, crispy, and puffy!


PS This post was inspired by my youngest, for this is what she answered on her Mother's Day card to me...

 And just for a good laugh...


  1. All I need is a glass of milk and 6 of these and I'd be in heaven. Love these photos.

  2. HA! Watermelon and wine are my favorites too! xoxo