Friday, April 24, 2015

My kid runs faster than...Me!


We had our annual jogathon a couple weeks ago. Sophia was determined to earn a medal like she did last year. She did not disappoint!

And thanks to official chip timers, the results came in quickly! Thirty minutes at an 8:19 pace yielded her 3.6 miles. Sophia finished at the top of all first grade (tying one boy), but she was the 3rd overall girl in the whole school; coming behind two 5th graders. Let's just say, LOWER SCHOOL ROCKS!

And now my admission to not only bragging about Sophia's mad skills but she is officially faster than me. In general, I am not sure I can keep an 8:19 pace; maybe as the distance became greater since I like distance, but let's just say I tried to break her pace a few days ago and I couldn't. In my defense, the hills are what caught me, but excuses are for the weak. hahaha

Our school has a prize room for all the joagathon participants who raise at least $150.00. The students get to enter the room in order of donation amounts. Sophia was lucky #7. She knew there was going to be a couple of American Girl Dolls in the room, but I told her not to get her hopes too high since there were 5 girls ahead of her. Boy was she overjoyed to find Grace Thomas (AG Doll of The Year - 2015) sparkling in front of her. Sophia was tickled even more knowing they share the same name (her middle name).
Welcome to the family Grace!