Monday, November 10, 2014

Budapest, Hungary

Ready to come along on our next stop?
After Prague, we hopped on over to Budapest, Hungary. 
Budapest is extremely different than Prague. Much more metropolitan than Prague. Much more of a hustle and bustle city with an old world charm amongst modern life.
But still a beautiful city.
New city, new hotel, new bar:
Same spirit ;)
And a new one:
(If you have tried Everclear, then you have tired Palinka) 
Pretty, but blah!
Loved having this feature right outside our hotel!

This is what a coffee house looks like in Budapest:
Wish the "coffee houses" in the US had these:

It was decided to add some sophistication to our repertoire and attend an opera.
I am not going to lie, I was out voted.
And I am not going to deny falling asleep.
 We weren't quite prepared for a "fancy" evening out. 
I am pretty surewe were the only ones wearing jeans. 
Way to represent the Americans :)

Let's move on to food:
And again, street food rules!
 New country, but we found our "Trinkle-dinks" (Trdlnek)!
And these were trickle-dinks on steroids!

Now, for the coolest and by the far the most unique bar ever.
Our tour guide told us it was a hot spot. And she was totally right.
A line for days to get in. I haven't stood in a line to get in a bar in a very long time!
She also described it as a "ruins" bar.
Apparently, "ruins" translates into "hang anything and everything everywhere and anywhere."
Crap everywhere!

Pretty scenes:

An absolute must visit:
Szechenyi Bath
(thermal bath house)
These natural spring waters are amazingly warmed by Mother Nature.

And what's a little vacation without some spear throwing?
Not bad, Mr. Hall.
Sharp enough Marc?
 Or maybe not? lol

Farewell Budapest! Thanks for the fun!

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  1. Lovely! And I met Jennifer last week at a Peabody event and bought one of those cute shirts she is wearing for her daughter's club soccer team fundraiser.