Thursday, June 12, 2014

Since you've been gone . . .

Dear Daddy,

Another Father's Day is on the horizon. I could praise you until my dying day, but thought I would let you know what a great father you still are by sharing a few things made possible because of the strength & lessons you have given me throughout my years.

Since you've been gone . . .
I have learned it's okay to start living life without you.
I have learned it's okay to smile and feel happiness without feeling guilt.
I have learned it's okay to look forward to the future.
I have learned it's okay to look back on the past.
I have learned in times of despair, it's better to say something than nothing at all.
I have learned to accept your passing.
I have learned to start healing.

Thank you for still teaching me at my young age of 42. Looks like I will always be the student. And that is perfectly fine by me.

I love you.

Your Little Girl Forever

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