Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sophia's First Jogathon

Sophia had her first of many Jogathons last Friday. The collecting of sponsors prior to Jogathon was a little confusing at first (Sophia thought she was going to keep the money), but when we explained the money she raised would help her school keep extra classes, like art, she was ready to run her little heart out!
Day before the Jogathon, sporting her tee shirt.
An upper grade student won the contest for the honors
of having his work on our tee shirts.
How cool!
A BIG THANK YOU to Dr.'s Hall & Bienstock 
for being a sponsor!

A little jumping jack warm-up
 Oh my . . .
She looks so mature!
 And they're off!
 Much needed water break
 Perfect form :)
 So determined. I think she looks like
David in this picture.

30 minutes of running = 36 laps!
First place in her class, first place out of all the kindergarten girls, 
and second overall kindergartener (there was a boy who beat her by 3 laps).

Sophia, we are so PROUD of you! Think you might have found your sport!

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