Monday, August 19, 2013

August Mid Cap

We did a little family getaway, (the first of the summer), down South (Newport Beach). David is super busy during the summer so it was a nice treat to spend a few days with having him all to ourselves!
A little pit-stop:

 A ferry ride to check out Balboa Island:

Beach fun at Crystal Cove:

I am a lucky gal to have these 3 in my life!

Vacationing with kids is getting easier every year.

Back in SB, we celebrated this little lady at a family birthday favorite:
Beachside Cafe
That sundae feeds at least four! It is huge and decadent.
They pre scoop McConnell's vanilla ice cream into the goblet and let it freeze.
This way the hot fudge doesn't melt your ice cream right away.
It's perfect!
 Can't believe she is 6!

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