Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up

This might be the second time I have played "catch up" with blogging. April has always been a happy month filled with birthdays and spring time fun. However, this April was not and will never be the most memorable.

But I cannot ignore the good moments that did happen. And so here are a few pictures that helped make April pass a little easier.

April is a double birthday celebration month. David and I did get a chance to celebrate with the girls at Beachside Cafe. I am pretty sure they love eating there because of the monster sundae : ) David and I celebrated again, sans girls, at the newly renovated El Encanto. Needless to say, there was a lot of eating during these outings. My absolute favorite though were the "Hostess" cupcakes David managed to have made by Jeannine's. He really does know me!
Nothing like a little topless night out : )

And then there was New Order. And for those who really know . . .
Joy Division forever!

My last Gala as an active JLSB.
We made it a girls' night. And although I thought I was letting David off the hook,
I secretly think David was a little bummed he didn't have to attend ; )

Now for some random fun . . .
Squeezing cute Addy
Hairdo compliments of Sophia
Impromptu visit from Grant (Sophia's first love) and Gwen
First long bike ride with dad (little over 7 miles):

A little something to honor Kalista's teachers during Teacher Appreciation week.
I did do things for Sophia's teachers, but I accidentally deleted the photo.
It was an orchid flower pot that read, "Thank you for helping me grow."

I have been running like a crazy woman. Not training for anything.
Just finding sanity.

And my favorite picture from April.
"Angel" rays from above.

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