Monday, March 19, 2012

Introduction to a New School

On Saturday, David & I attended a fundraising event for Marymount of Santa Barbara. We were guests of friends, Nikki & Larame, whose children attend this phenomenal school. Our other friends, Marcy & Todd and Sheri & Jim were also guests making our table FUN!

I was bummed not to have fabulous pictures of the view from the Coral Casino. But it was a rainy and windy evening. : ( Nonetheless, everyone had a blast! And where else could you watch a dog get auctioned off for $4,500.00?!

Me with Nikki, Marcy & Sheri
A rare photo op without kids. And we had grown-up clothes on : )
My very best partner in crime!

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  1. Very awesome. Congrats, on your new journey. You are so adorable!!!!!!