Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainy Day Projects

I never realized how annoying the rain was until I had my munchkins. I know, it's not like it rains a lot in Santa Barbara and I know, it could be worse like snow. But when you live in a city that thrives on outdoor living, especially with kiddies, I think you would agree too...RAIN IS ANNOYING. But that's when the Hall girls kick off the galoshes and trade them in for indoor projects.
Nothing chases the rain away like paper bag puppets
Working on the alphabet (A & b)
This cardboard house is one of THE BEST indoor activities!
Kids can go wild by coloring, adding stickers, playing house, etc.
You can purchase this at Michaels for around $20.
*Please excuse Kalista's crazy hair...she just woke up.* : )

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