Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chalkboard Paint and DIY Pumpkin Place Cards

I love fall. Even though Santa Barbara doesn't really capture the picturesque scenes of fall, 
I still enjoy this time of year.

There has been some pumpkin fun going on in our house. And although the girls have had their share in colorful pumpkin painting, I have taken over with chalkboard paint! TOTALLY OBSESSED!

After having fun with the pumpkins above, I decided to continue with some small white pumpkins. 

And, so here you have it: DIY place cards. 
Perfect for a fall table setting and/or labeling food items at your next party.

So easy to do and very inexpensive. Pictures are pretty self explanatory for what you need:
Acrylic chalkboard paint
Sponge or brush
Chalk and/or chalk marker

*I did 3 coats on the large pumpkins and 2 on the smaller ones.
**Chalk markers are great! They come in different colors and are easier to write with on not so flat surfaces (like pumpkins). And best of all, no accidental erasing when touched! A damp cloth or paper towel will erase your message. If you end up using plain chalk, just make sure the tip is rounded off and not sharp. The paint can peel if you write to hard or use a sharp corner. I found it easier to just lightly sketch each letter then lightly go back over each letter until you get the desired thickness.