Monday, January 16, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

Sophia and her 2 best friends, Jack & Luke, started their weekly tennis clinic at the club. How stinkin' cute these kids looked out there on the courts! The clinic is an hour long and the kids loved it. I didn't stay to watch because I know Sophia likes it when she is "dropped-off." Yes, at 4 years old, the whole, "Mommy can you drop me off and leave and pick me up later", has already started. sigh But I did manage to get a few shots without totally annoying her : )

How serious looking!
The 3 amigos : )
Looks like an ace to me! ; )
And if tennis doesn't work out . . .
She'll make a cute ball girl!


  1. She looks like she was really into it!!! Maybe I should into something like this for Grant down here....loved her tennis skirt...mommy keeps her fashionable as always.


  2. How precious!! She looks like she is having so much fun!