Friday, December 16, 2011

Tamale Mommies

My good friend, Marcy, put together a tamale making party book as an auction item at our children's preschool Soiree. This auction item went fast! An evening with mommies, tamales and margaritas? Who could resist?!

Perfect way to start the evening!
Cheers from Jenny & Sheri
LAPS Mommies hard at tamale making ; )
Not bad for a bunch of first-timers!
Patiently awaiting the goodness
Jeannie's first tamale!
Cheers from a bunch of fabulous moms!
Thanks again, Marcy!


  1. This looks so fun! I am tempted to switch preschools just so I can hang out with you fabulous mommies more often.
    I remember Gloria (Marcy's mom) always making amazing tamales around Christmas.

  2. Now this looks like an incredible time. Good friends, great food and amazing drinks = perfection!